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If you are looking for safe chip tuning file service you are on the right website. In TC Performance we work with best tools and equipment for remapping engines available on the market. At our disposal are devices such as: CMD Flash, Autotuner, Bflash, X17, Alientech and many more. Find out more how can we help you business by more profitable. Call now and see what can we do for you!


For many years we have been the users of most of the chiptuning tools available on the market. We are able to help in emergency situations which are not lacking in this business.

Take a profit on being our regular customer. We have all the devices: CMD Flash, Autotuner, Bflash, X17, Alientech etc.

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CMD Flash

CMD Flash Tool

CMD Flash is a BDM, EOBD, EOBD CAN-BUS, K-LINE, PWM EOBD programmer for all new generations of ECU. With the help of this small device, we can handle almost all cars, vans, trucks, buses and other vehicles.

CMD Flash is a device has BDM functions. That means that it can be connected to an Engine Control Unit (ECU) via internal pins. Thanks to we are able to get access to data from ECU without opening control unit. All dat exchange (writing and reading) happens on connector.

Thanks to CMD Flash, we can also, using the appropriate additional function, read all elements at once and create one complete backup file.

Autotuner – OBD Tool

Autotuner is OBD flasher tool created for professionals able to read informations from most ECUs and microcontrollers available on the market. Easy, fast and powerful ECU programing tool connecting with control unit in boot tricore Infineon (BSL) or via the OBD diagnostic socket. Thanks to Autotune you can restore or clone engine control units. It’s also possible to get access to the memories of the micro control unit in boot including iflash, dflash and eflash.

Autotuner - tool for professionals.


Bflash - ECU programing, diagnostic, data logging and emulation.

Bflash is chip tuning tool for automotive professionals. This device allows you to ECU programing, diagnostics, data logging or emulation.

The heart of Bflash hardware is NXP MPC57xx Microcontroller – same MCU used by several OEM programming and debugging tools. Microcontroller ensures fast data exchange with the car’s computer unit.

MAGPro2 X17

The MAGPro2 X17 is device designed for cars equipped with EDC17, MED17, MEDV17 and other state of the art ECUs. MAGPro2 X17 supports CAN-bus, K-Line, TP2.0 and UDS protocols. Wide range of accessories allows to read and write content using ODB-II socket.

Thanks to additional options, with X17 we are able to offer services like: DPF-Off, Immo Off or Hot Star Repair.

MAGPro2 X17 device

Kess v2

Kess v2 - chiptuning tool form Alientech

Kess v2 is a well-known programmer for engine and transmission ECUs via OBD port. With this device you can full control on reading, writing and editing mapping software.

The advantage of using the device is many. Among them, we can mention:

  • easy access to the ECU via OBD
  • compatibility with all Brands
  • safe and comfortable in use
  • constantly updating database of new cars.

The main reason why you should use this device is to improve the efficiency of the engine and transmission by modifying the ECU via OBD. Kess V2 solves problems that traditional diagnostics can not handle.

Kess Tag

Kess Tag is an on bench device for the engine and automatic transmission ECUs. With this programmer, you can read, write and edit the performance of cars computer unit.

Main advantages of using Kess Tag:

  • complete access to the ECU
  • EEPROM and micro Reading/Writing
  • correction of checksum is automatically done
  • ECU data can be cloned
  • constantly evolving database of cars
Kess Tag
Chiptuning Tools
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