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AdBlue is a specialized liquid used in SCR system (Selective Catalytic Reduction). It’s a water solution of urea in 32,5% of nominal concentration. The main reason for using AdBlue is to reduce the emission of nitrogen oxides. Unfortunately, this system generates very high operating costs.

Adblue is storage in a separate tank. In different models inlet of the tank is in various places in example in the trunk, under the hood or near the neck of the diesel tank. From tank, the mixture is getting to the SCR catalyst where nitrogen oxides are reduced to harmless water and nitrogen.

Full tank of AdBlue it’s enough to drive 10 000 km. Liquid losses should be replenished. If the AdBlue level is too low ECU will prevent the engine from starting. Modern cars are equipped in control lights and sound signal informing driver that is time to refill AdBlue tank.


AdBlue and SCR system is complex and susceptible to failures. Electronic nitrogen sensors, modules, pumps – all this device can fail and replace them can be very expensive. In additions in vehicles which travel hundreds of kilometres, you must regularly refill the Adblue tank.

All of this generates addition car usage cost, which drivers want to avoid.

AdBlue off service consists of electronical disable AdBlue with removing dashboard lights and warning messages in ECU associated with the system.

In most cases, it is enough to properly reprogram the engine management system. For some models additionally, it is necessary to disconnect the SCR unit from the vehicle.

Disadvantages of SCR system

Adblue system is good for the environment and human health because it reduces nitrogen oxides in combustion gases. But AdBlue has also many disadvantages and many drivers consider disabling system off.

  • complex system susceptible to damage – comprehensive repair can consume several thousand dollars,
  • the solution solidifies at a temperature of – 11 °C (12,2 °F) – a faulty heater in the tank may cause formation of crystals that may clog the injection system and lead to pump failure
  • the necessity of frequent liquid refilling,
  • the solution is strongly corrosive – spilled liquid should be wiped quickly to avoid damaging the paint finish and anti-corrosion coating.
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