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Switching map mapping - what is that

Switching map mapping allows dynamic selection of several sets of performance levels. In order to switch between individually adjusted performance levels, the driver must perform a simple sequence of buttons / switches in the car. Depending on the particular car, this can be done with the engine switched off or on, but the ignition must be on.

How it works?

We have adapted the software function in ECU to enable dynamic switching between several sets of performance maps. The selection of the performance level using the original car buttons determines the choice between several sets of recharge control configuration in the ECU. One setting can be fixed at 0.9 bar (9 psi), while the other can be 1.3 bar (19 psi), decreasing to 1.1 bar on the red line.

Applications Performance levels can be specified by the user in the additional information window. You can choose one level of performance for road use and one for drag racing. Alternatively, you can choose high performance and economical mode.

Where you can get it

To use map switching in the car, the ECU must be reprogrammed with a special ECU Map Switching calibration. It can be done in professional car workshop.

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