WinOLS Tuning Files


TC-PERFORMANCE DATABASE is the best file tuning database on the market
If you are interested in our automatic tuning files database, we invite you to take advantage of our offer.
Each owner of the original Winols program has the opportunity to benefit from the effect of our work 24 hours a day.

EVC ReselLer

WinOLS is an advanced program for editing ECU software. Every major tuning company has the WinOLS program. The WinOLS application is a program that lets you search and edit binary files, but not only! Thanks to the continuous development of our company, you can now buy ready-made tuning files directly through EVC applications. Our database has over 270,000 tuning files that are available to you at any time.

We know how important TIME is in the company. Through the automatic map processing solution, you gain an advantage by offering a short service time to the end customer. We have good, safe and tested solutions in the Winols database. Our continuous work 7 days a week is constantly expanding the EVC database, so you can be sure that we will do almost anything for you. If you do not find the file that interests you in the database, just write to us!
 In our database you will find tuning files containing Stage 1, Stage 2, DPF OFF, EGR OFF, V-Max, Pop Bangs and many more.


2. Enter your WinOLS customer ID

3. You will be automatically connected to the TC-PERFORMANCE WinOLS database

4. Well done, from now on you can use our experience acquired over many years


  • Files tested on the Maha LPS3000 and DP Synchro 4x4 dynamometer
  • Daily updates with the latest files
  • FREE and 24/7 access to 270,000 files
  • Files read with all equipment (CMD, KESS, KTAG, Autotuner, Magic MMS etc.)
  • Possibility of a free patch
  • Low prices and high availability
  • The Best European engineers
  • CUSTOM TUNE can be ordered through our File Service
  • Real-time technical support in case of problems. Our team of calibration engineers is ready for you all day
  • A very large database of DAMOS and A2L files


Purchasing good, tested ecu files has never been so easy and fast. Connect your Winols database to TC-PERFORMANCE and enjoy excellent tuning files! We guarantee satisfaction with the services!

TESTED ON the best dyno in the world

Our files are tested on a chassis dynamometer under heavy load. Our R&D department uses two dynamos to create the best files.


Our helpdesk is always willing to help. We know how the tuning process is made. We share our experience in ECUs programming and very often we help faster than support device. Buy our WinOLS Tuning Files and enjoy preferential conditions!

save your time

We know from experience that sometimes you do not have time to work with files. We understand this and offer you very fast and efficient file service. Always your transactions are secure and anonymous.

Free Access 24/7

Bearing in mind that we have clients from many places in the world, we offer you the service almost 24 hours a day. We have in mind the fact that many workshops work late into the night. 

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