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In the world of chip tuning, there are many solutions to work on vehicle software. Device manufacturers provide the ability to read and write ECUs and TCUs through the OBD socket, by bench, and in the boot mode. The most popular chip tuning tools are Alientech, Flashtec, Magic Motorsport, BC Consulting, FR-Team International SA. In this article, we will discuss the available products, their functionality and the advantages and disadvantages of each device. Moreover, under a detailed description of each device, there will be a subjective assessment of the ease and convenience of work in each of the available programming modes

Chip Tuning Tools Manufacturers


The manufacturer offers two products that differ in their use. Kess and K-Tag, which we will discuss below.


A Swiss brand that provides us with CMD Flash, a very versatile device. It will also be discussed by us.

Magic Motorsport

This manufacturer provides modular MagPro and Flex. At the same time, it is a company with the best customer support in the industry.

BC Consulting

The new player on the market allows us to buy BFlash. A constantly evolving interface

FR-Team International SA

The creator of the device named Autotuner. Its detailed description will of course be found later in the article.

The Best ECU Chip Tuning Tools


An advanced programmer designed to work with ECU’s outside the vehicle. K-TAG enables reading of each file: microprocessor, flash EPROM, EEPROM and saving them all in one protected file. So you can go back to the original settings at any time – do the so-called backup. An unquestionable advantage is the gigantic database of protocols that allows you to work with most existing computers. Often, it turns out that connecting the ECU is also simpler than using competing devices. The downside is slow and not very intuitive application, but for this o offers you can not have reservations. Simple instructions, high-resolution photos and step-by-step instructions on what to do. Support in case of problems is slow, requires a lot of details and logs.
The device is particularly suitable for situations where OBD programmers have failed or can not be read and for boats, trucks and agricultural machinery.

  • Available modes: Boot (10/10)
  • Support: Slow, not very friendly
  • New solutions: late, always behind others, but only tested solutions
  • Price: Starting up from 1000$


Twin to K-Tag device, however, intended for programming via the OBD connector. Uses the same software with all its pros and cons. Very stable and very safe to program. Works well with older vehicles, buses, trucks and agricultural machinery. Perfect for some Sagem, Siemens computers.

  • Available modes: OBD (8/10), Bench (5/10)
  • Support: Slow, not very friendly
  • New solutions: late, always behind others, but only tested solutions
  • Price: Starting up from 1500€

CMD Flash

An extremely versatile device, allows programming via OBD connector, using BDM and in Boot and Bench mode. It works perfectly with European automotive, automatic DSG gearboxes, Bosh EDC engine controllers. Very easy to use, transparent software, fast, stable and in many cases allows one touch to restore the original computer software. Support is rarely needed but works quite well. When working “on the table”, a dedicated adapter is often enough to facilitate the ECU connection process.

  • Available modes: OBD (9/10), Boot (8/10), Bench (6/10)
  • Support: helpful, does not hesitate too long with the answer but works only during the office hours given on the website
  • New solutions: regularly introduced updates, new protocols often appear
  • Price: Starting up from 4750€


The device with the best support, quickly solving problems, and often introducing new solutions specifically for the customer during the day. It is the proper interface that supports almost the whole range of modern automotive industry. As the only one has the option of not increasing the programming counter for VAG group controllers. The software is easy to use but requires that the device be connected to the power supply for commissioning. It works great for Asian cars: Toyota, Kia, Hyundai etc and cars of the VAG group – Audi, Skoda, VW, Seat based on Simos computers. Very detailed instructions for working in BOOT mode make everyday life easier.

  • Available modes: OBD (8/10), Boot (8/10), Bench (10/10)
  • Support: fast, precise and open to communication
  • New solutions: very often pioneers of new solutions
  • Price: Starting up from 4690€


The newest player on the market, a device that in the long run may be very useful, but at the moment it’s hard to say something about it. It has an advanced logging system for parameters and log browsing. Very good workmanship.

  • Available modes: OBD (?/ 10), Boot (?/ 10), Bench (?/ 10)
  • Support: unfortunately, you can not say anything about him yet
  • New solutions: still in development
  • Price: Staring up from 4900€


One of the best choices possible today. The device works perfectly with the latest automotive industry, ideal for BMW vehicles based on MDG1 computers, and the entire F series. It enables virtual and direct readings, works well in Boot mode and very well in Bench mode. Support is helpful, it reacts quite quickly. The device itself has an extensive set of accessories attached to the purchase, so it does not require additional investment in adapters. However, sometimes connecting the ECU in boot mode can be complicated, which extends the work. The software is very quick and easy to use, as are the instructions provided for each protocol directly from the application.

  • Available modes: OBD (10/10), Boot (7/10), Bench (10/10)
  • Support: proper, does not allow long to wait for an answer, it is not a one-off that solving the problem goes beyond the available protocols
  • New solutions: frequent updates, for example still in some cases as the only ones that allow two forms of communication when the others have one
  • Price: Starting up from 4900€

Chip Tuning Tools – Summary

In summary, one can say that each equipment fills a slightly different gap on the automotive market. When working only with new vehicles, the smallest possible mechanical intervention is required due to the manufacturer’s warranty conditions or customer preferences. If we already have to remove the ECU from the vehicle the fastest and safest way it will not open it but use the Bench protocol. However, do not forget that these solutions are usually introduced later than Boot read, so if you want to be competitive on the market, you have to have a wide range of possibilities.

Having experience, we can now recommend it as the most complete device for work: MagPro. As the best covering the current automotive duo of devices: Autotuner + K-Tag. However, you must never forget about constant development, when you want to be the best you have to be equipped as the best – the greater the variety the better. The “no file on the server” message should not surprise anyone, even if the ECU we are working on appears on the list supported in this particular program. Then you take the next equipment from the shelf and the next one, you have to guarantee that the customer has not come to you hundreds of kilometres for no reason.

What hardware options to choose: master or slave?

It all depends on the preferences and character of the company. If you are an advanced tuner and you have your own tested solutions then the master equipment will allow you to operate without any limitations. However, if you are looking for a company that will provide you with dyno tested chip tuning files, the best choice will be SLAVE equipment.

SLAVE equipment provides you with REALTIME SUPPORT. When you buy SLAVE TOOL in our company, we give your account a special priority. SLAVE orders are made immediately by our software engineers. With this cooperation mode, we also enable adjusting the operating time of your company to our server.

The advantages of master and slave equipment

Getting started:

Slave: Allow you to start working immediately after unpacking.

Master: Allows you to start working immediately, but requires substantive preparation so that it can be used in the right way

Required knowledge:

Slave: Basic knowledge about the use of the device itself. Connections and programming are carried out step by step according to the instructions, the system monitors us in case of mistakes.

Master: A deep understanding of the mechanisms of engine operation is required. By connecting the ECU you can use an arbitrary file to write, also incorrect, it all depends on you.


Slave: Using the Slave device you use the default layout of the manufacturer or our brand – TC-Performance

Master: Being the owner of the master you can create your own brand visible on the device and inside the software


Slave: the device generates a secure and encoded file, assigned to our Master device, in response to the order you also get a perfectly matched file after modification. You are not worried about a mistake or mismatch

Master: The device generates decoded files for content that anyone can have access to. In addition, it is able to save any file to any computer, it easily exposes the client to mistakes or even damage to the ECU if he does not have adequate knowledge.

General Overwiew:

Slave: Equipment is directed to customers who want to get full support from our side, both technical and substantive. The prices of file modifications will also be lower.

Master: This equipment should choose those who would like to have a greater range of possibilities over computers and are ready to take full responsibility for it.

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