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Some time ago, when the G series programming option was not yet available, our company developed STAGE 1 and STAGE 2 for the MG1 controller. Our company has developed these drivers in many ways. We can remove the maximum speed limiter, disable the OPF particulate filter, add or strengthen shots from the exhaust - rally sound / pop & bangs, of course, ending with the service of increasing power.

b57 40i engine

A word of introduction, let's say something about the latest bmw engine design: B57B30B. The TwinPower Turbo technology used with this engine includes the following solutions:

• Valvetronic
• Direct injection with pressure up to 350bar
• Twinscroll turbocharging

The exhaust manifold and thus the exhaust gas supply to the turbocharger has been changed and is now part of the engine post. . BMW claims that the integration of a compact steel exhaust manifold and turbocharger causes a rapid increase in boost pressure. The mass moment of inertia reduced by approximately 25% improves the turbine response. The serial boost level in this model reaches 1.3bar. The supercharged air cooling system is implemented in the same way as in regular 40i models, turbo-> water intercooler - intake manifold. It is worth noting that the values ​​obtained on the serial program are about 7% higher than declared by the manufacturer, which affects the excellent performance that this model achieves during journalistic tests.

Another copy made in our company is already chip tuning bmw g20 m340i in its pure form. Electronic modification gives us great opportunities for individual tuning of the MG1 controller, thanks to which the modification effect has been adapted to the client's needs. Sports indicators have been recalibrated to the 480KM 650Nm scale. The car after our electronic modification reaches the first hundred repetitively in 3.8 seconds (best 3.7s!). When modifying the exhaust, another several HP is possible.

BMW G20 M340i power increase

After a few hours of work spent on the dynamometer, we refined the software to safe values ​​of engine operating parameters. The exhaust temperature parameters have remained within a safe range. Adjusting the ignition map to the new power will allow you to enjoy without fear of jerking or power loss.

Chip tuning BMW M340I STAGE1

The effect of modification of the ECU STAGE 1: 463KM program and flat 620Nm


  BMW G20 M340i - STAGE 1
Another implementation based on the modernized B58 unit. The car came to us from around Krakow being the property of our regular customer, who had the pleasure of modifying such cars as 750i 449HP, F30 330d or X6 M50d earlier. The beautifully configured copy of the M340i in the crazy Tanzanite Blue painting has been retrofitted with all available M Performance add-ons such as the carbon front bumper additive, diffuser, carbon mirror housings, carbon aileron on the boot lid to extremely efficiently emphasizing the model's sport aspirations, accessory Y-spoke 795 rims Unfortunately, the car is constantly operated on 95 octane fuel, which did not allow to achieve record results in the dynamometer.

The B58 engine is very susceptible to modification. After installing the downpipe, heat exchanger and hybrid turbocharger, our individual tuning will achieve around 530KM. Those interested in chip tuning BMW G20 M340i welcome :)

BMW Tuning File
BMW M340i Tuning File

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