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BMW G31 530i 252KM – STAGE 2

BMW G31 530i 252KM xDRIVE
ECU: Bosch MG1CS003
Tuning Results: 326hp 441Nm

The BMW 5 Series with the designation G31 has long been setting trends among cars of this class. Through a dynamic, muscular yet elegant look, it perfectly meets the requirements of today’s cars of this class. A long mask, an athletic silhouette is a whole that attracts attention at a first glance.

So far, we have made several BMW F-series cars equipped with a turbocharged R6 or V8 unit. This time the time has come for the top 4 cylinder unit with the B48 mark in the 252km edition. The customer came to our headquarters in Łódź, bearing in mind our individual character of car tuning from Bavaria. Some time ago, when the possibility of programming the G series was not yet available, our company developed STAGE 1 and STAGE 2 for the MG1 ECU. In addition, the customer provided his car in MG Motorsport’s custom downpipe. This solution allows more free flow of exhaust gases emitted by the engine. In addition, it eliminates heat restriction in the form of a high temperature catalyst. We recommend the MG Motorsport product due to the very high quality of workmanship.

After several hours of work spent on the dynamometer, we have refined the software for safe values of engine operation parameters. The temperature parameters on the exhaust remain within a safe range. Individual tuning allows you to optimize customized software. Such comprehensive action allows the owner to enjoy driving a car in greater power without unnecessary worries about unexpected failures.

CHIPTUNING BMW G31 530i 252KM – STAGE 2 – 326HP 441NM

riving a BMW 5 Series after this modification allows you to forget about the symptom of a relatively small engine in a powerful station wagon. The car acquires speed in such a way as if its own weight decreased by 200-300kg. This engine sounds much better than the engine of the previous generation when driving. Responsiveness, work culture of the new unit is a world class when it comes to 4-cylinder turbo units. The time from 0-100kmh after modification is comparable to the 540i variant equipped with a 6 cylinder engine, which in combination with the all-wheel drive xDrive significantly improves the efficiency of the car on the road, regardless of the prevailing conditions.

The car was measured with the RaceLogic measuring device

0-100km / h – 5.3s

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