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CHIPTUNING HONDA CIVIC TYPE R. The all-new Honda Civic Type R was designed from the ground up to provide the most satisfying driving dynamics in the hatchback segment - both on the road and on the race track. Globally, this is the fifth generation of the legendary Civic Type R - the original Civic Type R was only launched in Japan in 1997. The new Civic Type R was developed in parallel with the usual "civil" hatchback, as part of the same development program, which brought mutual benefits to the dynamics and improvement of both variants. The RPM matching feature smoothes out changes by eliminating unwanted gear "jerks" associated with excessive or insufficient engine speed. The so-called "rev match" intensifies the pleasure of sports driving with a manual transmission. The light, very stiff body is the result of innovative new engineering and construction techniques.

Honda civic type R measurement on the dynamometer

At the rear, the new Type R has a multi-link suspension for increased ride comfort as well as stability at high speeds. The 2.0-liter VTEC Turbo engine has 310HP at 6,500 rpm. Maximum torque of 400 Nm is developed from 2,500 to 4,500 rpm. It is both the fastest accelerating car and the fastest in its class, as well as the fastest front-wheel drive car around the Nürburgring Nordschleife with a lap time record of 7 min 43.8 sec. The 2017 Type R has a new selection of driving modes, adding the "Comfort" setting to the default "Sport" and "+ R" modes focused on driving dynamics - each of which adjusts suspension compatibility, steering geometry and throttle response. Compared to the previous Type R, the FK8 model uses a new shock absorber with variable damping hardness to make everyday use of the car even more comfortable, and in the R + settings the car was even more dynamic and competent. The Civic Type-R FK8 is now Wider, longer and lower than any of its predecessors, the all-new Type R has short overhangs and muscular, tight lines, and a sharp and aggressive "face", clear creases and carved front and rear inlets indicate performance and sport intentions.

Chip Tuning File Civic Type R FK8

The 2017 Honda Civic Type R is top performance and provides power, torque and unparalleled front-wheel drive hot hatch segment. The 2.0-liter turbocharged engine is manufactured by Honda from America Mfg. The finished engines are sent to Honda in the United Kingdom in Swindon, where the Type R is produced. The specially designed turbocharged gasoline unit has a lightweight and very durable forged connecting rods and forged crankshaft. Type R. The powertrain has been designed to provide maximum torque in the medium RPM range to provide immediate access to power regardless of engine speed.

A few words about the engine and Japanese technology
The super-light forged steel crankshaft is only used on the CivicType R. Each "pin" on the crankshaft is micro-polished to reduce operational friction.
The pistons and connecting rods in the 2.0-liter engine have a "cavity" shape, which helps maintain stable combustion and helps improve performance. Lightweight pistons have a carefully optimized apron designed to minimize piston weight, which in turn minimizes vibration and increases operational efficiency. The pistons are cooled by oil streams directed to the bottom of each piston crown and have an internal "Cooling gallery", solved taken from Honda Formula 1 engines designed to lower the temperature in the piston ring area. Ion piston rings help reduce friction for greater operational efficiency.

The collector is liquid cooled which helps keep heat in check. The quiet, low-friction chain drives the two top cams and four valves per cylinder. The cam drive is maintenance free throughout the life of the engine and to further reduce weight, thin-walled hollow camshafts are used. To increase fuel efficiency, emissions and power efficiency, the turbo engine uses sodium-filled exhaust valves. Sodium helps cool the entire valve; and because the valve is internally cooled, it does not need a generally enriched fuel mixture used in turbo engines to cool exhaust valves.

As a result, a leaner mixture reduces emissions, increases fuel economy and allows for even more power. The 2.0-liter DOHC i-VTEC® 16-valve engine uses an advanced valve control system to combine high power with high fuel efficiency and low emissions. This helps increase power and also provides smoother idle (allowing you to reduce idle speed).

Only a durable manual 6-speed gearbox is offered which ensures short and precise gear changes. The function of matching the rpm to the gear chosen by the driver ensures smoothness and high-performance gear reduction, and the mechanical differential lock with limited slip allows more efficiently transfer the power of the civica type-R to asphalt.

Chiptuning Honda Civic Type R on the dynamometer

Result of modification CHIPTUNING HONDA CIVIC TYPE R FK8 - 2.0T 310HP - STAGE 2 - 391HP 512Nm

Honda FK8 TYPE R STAGE 2 power chart
We used the Alientech device to read the car. After a few hours spent on the dynamometer, we optimized our STAGE 2 software. All parameters remained within the safe range. The individual Chip Tuning process allows you to customize the software for a given copy and the requirements of the vehicle owner.

Honda FK8 TYPE R STAGE 2 power diagram - modification effect
The result of our work is an increase in engine parameters in the full speed range. Thanks to the mechanical differential lock with limited slip, traction is satisfactory even when starting from the spot. The shifted section allows for more efficient use of engine power, thanks to which the Civic Type R significantly gained from the driving experience. In addition, at the client's request, we launched the exhaust shots after the gas is released, i.e. Bangs & pops. Driving this modified copy of the Honda Civic Type R will delight even the most demanding driver.



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