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VW Golf 7 GTI 230KM DSG – Stage 3 – IHI IS12 Hybrid (IS38 Comp Wheel), DP, Catback
ECU: Continental Simos 18 CAN
Read/Write: Flashtec CMD/ OBD
Tuning Results: 363hp 477Nm
Options: Pops&Bangs, Vmax Removal

The GTI in the Volkswagen edition is the icon and prototype of the car of today’s hot-hatchback class. Red accessories, armchairs in a decorative checkered pattern are just a part of the GTI elements distinguishing the other Golfs. Under the hood there is a 2-liter unit made in TSI technology with a capacity of 210 km. The 2-clutch DSG DQ250 is responsible for the transmission of the drive to the wheels, while the differential mechanism with limited slip VAQ ensures that the power transmitted to the asphalt is kept in check. The car comes from the US market, which instead of the IS20 compressor known from the European version of the CHH engine, we find a smaller IS12 turbine there. The compressor has been modified in the car to match the IS38 parameters known from, for example, golf R, and exhaust. Our task was to tune the engine ECU.

After several hours of work spent on the dynamometer, we have refined the software for safe values ​​of engine operation parameters. The temperature parameters on the exhaust remain within a safe range. An individual approach to tuning allows you to optimize our software taking into account the conditions of a particular item, and the requirements set by the customer. Such a comprehensive chip tuning service allows you to enjoy more power without worrying about unexpected faults.

CHIPTUNING VW GOLF 7 GTI 230HP – STAGE 3: 363HP 477Nm modification effect

Driving such a modified car provides many impressions that will delight even the most demanding driver. The car, which in the series has not swayed the power after such a modification can boldly compare with much more expensive and stronger cars. For more demanding customers, we have prepared our proprietary STAGE 3 ECU and TCU based on a more efficient intercooler, throughput Dp, removal of intake restrictions and a TC-Turbo hybrid turbocharger. The expected effect of this modification is 430-450hp and 550nm.

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