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BMW Z4 E89 18i 156KM
Tuning Results: 282hp 486Nm

Chiptuning BMW Z4 is a roadster with a strong character, expressive silhouette and a self-confident appearance. Every detail exudes an athletic disposition and dynamics: large air intakes at the front, a low-set radiator grille and a long mask create a unity that catches the eye on the street and clearly shows what kind of vehicle we are dealing with. Spiciness of the BMW Z4 adds a tasteful varnish Valencia Orange. The customer came to our headquarters in Łódź, keeping in mind our individual approach to cars from Bavaria. Under the hood of this Z4 series we will find a two-liter turbocharged N20 petrol unit with a power of 156HP. The power is transferred, of course, only to the rear axle via a 6-speed manual transmission. The performance of this extremely refined BMW Z4 is hard to call satisfactory considering the aggressive exterior design. The car has been retrofitted by the owner in Cat-Back with flaps made by Mar-Tec, which additionally enhances the driving experience. The customer decided that for a beautiful dynamic design should follow the performance decided on our proprietary STAGE 1.

After a few hours spent on the dyno, our proprietary STAGE 1 software has been optimized to appropriate, safe values. The temperature parameters on the exhaust remain within a safe range. Individual tuning allows you to refine the software taking into account the state of the car and customer’s attention. This chip tuning ensures the joy of using a stronger car without the risk of unexpected failures.

CHIPTUNING BMW E89 Z4 N20 – STAGE 1 – 282HP 426Nm

CHIPTUNING BMW Z4 e89 is a colossal improvement of car parameters on the road. Despite the relatively small engine under the hood, the car impresses with dynamics on the road. The performance of such a modified Z4 will satisfy even the most demanding driver. The dynamism of the Z4 bmw can be seen, but its lightness and sporting feel must be felt. Z4 is a machine whose main task is to offer unlimited driving pleasure and does it with a vengeance. It is worth noting that despite the modification, fuel consumption remained very similar, constituting a great compromise between sports performance and driving economy.

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