2019-07-17 13:00:00

Laguna GT 2.0t 205HP – Stage 3 – TD04-15T, IC, DP
ECU: Sagem S3000 CAN
Read/Write: Alientech Kess v3/ OBD

Individual tuning file Renault LAGUNA GT COUPE is our company STAGE 3 for this unit. The car was retrofitted with an intercooler with greater efficiency, a larger turbocharger and complete exhaust with DP. A substantial increase in engine parameters decisively improves the driving experience of this car, and allows it to compete with previously stronger cars than itself.

After several hours of work spent on the dynamometer, we have refined the software for safe values ​​of engine operation parameters. The temperature parameters on the exhaust remain within a safe range. The result of our tuning is presented in the form of a graph from a load dynamometer.

The effect of our individual CHIP TUNING FILES Renault Laguna 2.0T : 272HP 383NM

The torque in the car has been optimized for traction problems on the asphalt. The car was retrofitted with the TD04-15 turbocharger which we had to optimize. In addition, the restriction for more power turned out to be a low-efficiency intake system.

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