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ECU: Continental Simos 8.5
Read/Write: CMD Flash OBD
Tuning Results: 432hp 545Nm Ron98
Tuning Options: Pops&Bangs, Vmax Removal, Rev Limiter

Chiptuning Files Audi 3.0 TFSI  Simos 8.5 – STAGE 2


From a wide grill through dynamically narrow headlights to expressive, aggressive over-molding of the body. Audi A6 manifests its character in every detail, the segment of the German medium-class limousines fits in perfectly. It is important that performance is followed by beautiful dynamic design. The customer who was no longer satisfied with the serial power of the petrol V6tki under the hood decided on a strengthening treatment in our company. Under the hood, we’ll find a forked six-wheeled compressor generating 310km. Two DL500 clutch gearboxes are responsible for the transmission, so it is intended for longitudinally installed engines. In addition, a set of a smaller compressor wheel of the American tuner company APR was installed in the car. This solution allows the compressor to be boosted by reducing the diameter of the compressor’s drive wheel. This prepared car went to us for the ECU and TCU engine tuning.

After several hours of work spent on the dynamometer, we have refined the software for safe values ​​of engine operation parameters. The temperature parameters on the exhaust remain within a safe range. The effect of our work is a significant increase in the dynamics of the car while maintaining safe parameters of the engine.

The effect of our individual tuning A6 3.0TFSI: 432KM, 545Nm

The APR set is the most popular choice when it comes to this type of solution. The elements are made with the appropriate attention to quality which makes them worth recommending


The increase in performance for this a6 is astounding. The performance is very comparable with the S6 version equipped with a supercharged v8 unit. The high power in combination with quattro all-wheel drive provides a sense of control and road safety. The car will be perfect in all conditions and the efficiency of the drive system will allow you to take any challenge on the road, if only the driver will want it. A TCU program was also made in A6, which consists of shifting sections and removing torque limiters from the chest.
The car was measured with the RaceLogic measuring device.
0-100km / h – 4.0s
100-200km / h 11.0

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