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ECU: Bosch MED9.1
Read/Write: CMD Flash OBD
Tuning Results: 367hp 456Nm Ron98
Tuning Options: Pops&Bangs, Vmax Removal, Rev Limiter

Chiptuning Files Audi S5 4.2 V8 354HP – STAGE 1 – Bosch MED9.1

The Audi S5 Coupé is the embodiment of sport and unlimited driving pleasure. Perfectly balanced proportions coupe. The perfect modernity of the pure form together with the elements characteristic of S models, such as double slats on the radiator grille, mirror casings finished in aluminum or the S5 emblem on the grill creates a whole which clearly at first glance with which car we deal. Under the hood of an athletic coupe from Ingolstadt, we find a forked, 8 cylinder unit made in FSI technology generating 354KM. The iconic Quattro all-wheel drive based on the Torsen mechanism is responsible for the transmission. Transmission is a traditional, manual, 6-speed transmission. At the customer’s request, we have expanded the STAGE 1 software to launch the gas-free shot option, i.e. Pops & bangs.

During several hours of work on a 4×4 load test bench, we have brought the STAGE 1 software to safe values. The temperature parameters on the exhaust remain within a safe range. Such a personalized approach to Chiptuning allows you to optimize the software for a specific copy and expectations of the client. Individual tuning is the basis for trouble-free car operation in the long-term perspective.

The basic problem of VAGs equipped with a naturally aspirated 4.2 fsi unit is power incontinence. The reason for such complications are dirty inlet channels in the engine head. Before the modification, the car underwent the hydrogen treatment of the engine, which resulted in the generation of serial vehicle parameters. Thanks to our original STAGE 1 S5, it changed its face. The shifted section and the increase of the unit’s parameters translated into a heightened driving experience. Thanks to the constant all-wheel drive, traction is excellent. Shots from the exhaust, which were launched at the customer’s request only add spice to the whole. The AUDI S5 4.2 STAGE 1 will delight even the most demanding driver.

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