2019-07-17 11:00:00

We are proud to present Chiptuning File Stage 2 for the b48b20 engine. This four cylinder unit is mounted in almost all currently available models of the Bavarian manufacturer. The heart of electronics is the Bosch ECU MG1CS003. We have penetrated the secrets of this computer during many hours of work on the dynamometer, which allowed us to refine the process of raising the power to perfection. Applying the right calibration, working with limiters is our everyday life.

Our Tuning File Stage 2 for the B48 engine requires the use of a high-flow downpipe, which significantly reduces the backpressure and temperature of the exhaust gases.

The result we obtained was 325 hp and 450nm, although there is still a reserve of over 330hp and 480nm, however, in our opinion, a few percent reserve significantly improves the life of the engine. The next stage of development would be to replace the turbocharger with a more efficient one, which is part of our Stage 3 package.

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