2019-07-17 13:00:00

ECU: Bosch MEVD17.2.2
Read/Write: Autotuner BENCH
Tuning Results: 243hp 400Nm Ron95


Thanks to its perfect proportions and stylistic dynamics, the E-Class Coupé attracts attention and does it with unforced grace. The car is based on a standard E-class sedan floor plate. However, closed in a much more attractive coupe. Under the hood of this E-Coupe we will find a 2 liter, 4-cylinder supercharged unit with a power of 184 hp. The power only travels to the rear axle, via the 9-speed transmission named Mercedes 9G-Tronic. In the case of this car, aggressive, dynamic stylistics does not go hand in hand with the performance that this car has. The customer decided to apply our original stage 1. In order to raise the engine parameters and at the same time add some vigor to the German Coupe. Our task was to tune the engine’s ecu.

After several hours of work on optimizing our proprietary STAGE 1 software for the Mercedes E200, we have brought all the unit’s operating parameters to safe values. This approach to the car allows you to enjoy more power, without worrying about unexpected complications and faults. The result of our work is presented in the form of a graph from a dynamometer.

Individual chiptuning Mercedes E200 guarantees noticeable performance improvement. After our strengthening treatment the car has become less drowsy, and more willingly reacts to every press of the accelerator pedal. Individual tuning in the case of a car with a relatively small power also translates into a greater sense of safety on the road, driving with highway speeds becomes easier, as well as performing maneuvers such as overtaking is no longer a problem. The car after STAGE 1 treatment matches the more powerful E300 variant in terms of performance. The car has been measured 0-100km/h with the Race Logic measuring device:
0-100KMH 6.9s.

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