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ECU: Bosch ME9.7
Read/Write: CMD Flash OBD
Tuning Results: 572hp 670Nm Ron98
Tuning Options: Vmax Removal


Model C63 AMG BLACK SERIES is a real raisin on the road. Affalterbach, in which the AMG division is located, is home to one of the most advanced engine production in the world. The heart of each AMG is folded in accordance with the “One man – one engine” principle.

An interesting fact about the M156 engine is the fact that it is the first unit designed exclusively for the AMG division. Earlier AMG models were based on Mercedes serial units. The increase of power relative to the serial M156 engine from 457HP to 517HP at 6800RPM was carried out by applying a number of modifications. Forged pistons taken over from the SLS AMG, together with the new connecting rods and a light crankshaft, which translates into lowering of the mass, cause an increase in quirkiness and lightness in the delivery of powerful power from a naturally aspirated engine.

The widened rear axle, and a specially designed wider body-kit reminiscent of cars known from DTM races are designed to improve the driving – stability and aerodynamics of the car. Newly designed wrought alloy wheels with front tires 235/35 R 19 and 255/30 R 19 at the rear and a higher performance braking system with discs with increased diameter are available only for the Black Series variant. Replacement with the serial version C63 AMG can also be seen in the interior. The “civil” seats have been replaced with uncompromising AMG-Performance bucket seats.

Interior of the Mercedes C63 AMG BLACK SERIES

This pedantically well-groomed copy of the Mercedes C63 AMG Black Series comes from Japan and declares itself to be less than 40,000 kilometers long. The owner decided to equip the car with a complete exhaust system of the Taiwanese manufacturer Innotech Performance Exhaust. In addition to the final exhaust with flaps, the car also received collectors with increased flue gas flow. In addition to the more free flow of exhaust gas, this solution also eliminates restrictions in the form of a catalyst.

Chip tuning – Individual tuning on the dynamometer

During a few hours of work spent on the dynamometers, we have brought the STAGE 2 software to safe values. Exhalation temperature parameters remain in the optimum range. In the case of such a remarkable car, a very important role is played by the individual approach to chiptuning that guarantees the joy of driving a car with greater parameters without worrying about unexpected faults.

The Mercedes C63 AMG modification effect:

The powerful increase in engine parameters translates into considerable driving sensations. Even when driving in a calm way, the car constantly reminds us what kind of unit we are dealing with, after adding the gas it seems to be a beautiful racial sound v8. A powerful torque causes the car to accelerate like a locomotive. The sound of the engine after the use of the sport exhaust system gives you chills. In our personal ranking, this is the absolute TOP of the best-sounding V8. Communing with such a rare and perfectly designed car is a real feast for every car fan. After chiptuningu the car received the missing dose of venom and is a proposal that will delight even the most demanding driver.

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our other realizations for the MERCEDES brand in our catalog.

ECU Files Mercedes

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