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ECU: Bosch ME7
Read/Write: Alientech K-Tag
Tuning Results: 510hp 726Nm Ron95

Chiptuning Files MERCEDES CLS 55 AMG 467HP – Remap – Bosch ME7

Affalterbach, in which the AMG division is located, is home to one of the most advanced engine production in the world. The heart of each AMG is folded in accordance with the “One man – one engine” principle.

The V8 engine with recharging is without a doubt one of the best Mercedes-AMG achievements. Not only does it provide great performance, but it also provides extremely dynamic and linear power development. Significant torque and power values ​​ensure an unforgettable driving experience that can be expected from the AMG V8 powerplant. The belt-driven compressor is located between two banks of cylinders. Instead of operating continuously, the compressor is activated by an electromagnetic clutch depending on the engine speed. All this is happening within a fraction of a second, which means that the engine reacts even to the smallest pedal movement of the accelerator pedal with virtually no delay. The unit with a capacity of 5.5 liters already boasts a solid parameter value. 476HP and torque of 700Nm available from 2,300 rpm guarantee the right dose of adrenaline on the road. However, as it is said, the appetite grows with food, hence the owner’s decision to hand over the car to our proprietary chiptuning file.

Chip tuning Files – Individual remap tested on the dynamometer

Within a few hours of work on the load dynamometer, we have brought our custom tuning file to the appropriate, safe values. The temperature parameters on the exhaust remain within a safe range. Individual tuning files brings many benefits. The ability to optimize the ecu file for a given copy is a key element in the tuning process of such demanding cars as AMG. This approach is Chip Tuning is a guarantee of trouble-free car use in the long-term.

ECU Files Mercedes – Effect of modification

The powerful increase in engine parameters translates into considerable driving sensations. Even when driving in a calm way, the car constantly reminds us what kind of unit we are dealing with, after adding the gas it seems to be a beautiful racial sound v8. The car accelerates like a locomotive, the flat-guided torque of 720Nm available from as low as 2,500 revolutions, and the segment displaced at 7200 guarantee a unique experience. The parameters of the modified CLS55 AMG will delight even the most demanding driver. It must be borne in mind that the majority of AMG Mercedes gives an incomparably better chiptunning experience than can result from the graph itself. Our feedback from customers who use these cars after modification is EXCELLENT.

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